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Medical Eyelash & Eyebrow

Enhancement Treatments

Long Lashes

Dr Becky is a GMC-registered Doctor and NHS GP, delivering eyelash and eyebrow enhancement treatments in Cardiff, South Wales.

Dr Becky offers the only clinically proven eyelash and eyebrow enhancement. There are many lash conditioners on the market but none contain the active ingredient that can only be prescribed after thorough consultation with an Aesthetics Doctor.

The treatment is a daily, topical treatment for an initial twelve week period, applied to the brows or lashes to promote hair growth and provide longer, thicker, darker lashes or fuller brows (ideal for previous over plucking or age/hormone related brow thinning).

Take a look at some before and after images below to see the treatment in action (no mascara or product on lashes):

3 Month Supply £100


Before - Baseline


After - 4 Weeks

Would you like to discuss this treatment before booking?

If there's anything you would like to discuss about this treatment before making your booking, please make an enquiry and Dr Becky will happily answer all of your questions.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The once-daily application of eyelash and eyebrow growth solution extends the time period that each individual hair stays in the growth stage (anagen stage) of the hair growth cycle. As a result, eyelashes and eyebrows grow stronger, thicker, darker, and longer.

Average results achieved are eyelashes which are:

  • 25% longer

  • 106% thicker

  • 18% darker


As you get underway with applying the serum, you’ll first notice changes in length. Then, gradually, you will see more thickness and the hair will appear darker. If you are pleased with how things are going by the time you get to around eight weeks, then it is recommended that you continue the treatment. Full results are seen at around week sixteen, by which time you’ll have the full effect of your longer, thicker, darker eyelashes or eyebrows.


How Do I Apply the Treatment?


Once you’ve had your consultation and decided to go ahead with purchasing the treatment, you’ll be given a treatment pack to take home. As well as the solution and instructions, you’ll also be given special applicators which you need to use to coat your eyelashes or eyebrows with. It’s important you follow the instructions given accurately. You should attend a follow up consultation at twelve weeks.

Dr Becky is a GMC-registered Doctor and NHS GP, delivering eyelash and eyebrow enhancement  treatments in Cardiff, South Wales.

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